Saturday, March 26, 2011

Preview of New Items for My Etsy Shop!

I've decided to post my two newest handmade items that I intend to list in my Etsy shop here first, so that I can get people's opinions. They're both projects that were my first attempts ever at a new skill - sewing from a pattern and crocheting an amigurumi. I had a lot of fun with both of these projects, and I'm very pleased at how they came out.

First is the Bumblebee Mini Tote Bag

The dimensions of this bag are 12.5in(32cm) x 4in(10cm) x 8in(20cm). It has pockets all the way around the outside of the bag, with a total of 6 pockets. It can easily hold 2-3 hard covered books and would make a great purse.

You can purchase this purse here

And here is my first amigurumi - And trust me, I will be making many more of these! I've found a pattern for a turtle that I really like, and I'm looking for a lion as well. (Although, if anyone knows of any patterns for any other cute animals, please do share them!!)

My little koala!

I'm so very proud of this! I'd never considered crocheting animals before, but I found this pattern and it didn't look beyond my skills, so I went for it!! And I'm so happy with it. I don't think the photo does this guy justice. He's absolutely adorable. 

He's 7 inches(18cm) tall and his eyes are made of glass pearls.

I think when I sell him, he'll come with a little bow made of either pink, purple, or aqua ribbon. :)

You can buy this little guy here

Okay... so any ideas of what I should sell these things for?

EDIT: The items have been posted and priced, but feedback (on this blog post please) is appreciated. 

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