Friday, June 29, 2012

Hobbies. I've Got Them.

We've all got them. Those things we do just to entertain ourselves. And some of us, myself included, have quite an assortment of them. Personally, most of my hobbies are solo, mostly crafty endeavors. If you know me at all, you know that I often spend a LOT of time knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, taking photographs, reading, blogging and who knows what else. And people probably wonder how I manage to find time to do all of these things.
Well, truth is, I don't. There was a time when if I had a free weekend, I would plan to hit every single one of my hobbies for at least a little while. I'd work on all of my little projects and feel quite satisfied at the end of the day.
Nowadays though, I find myself doing the exact opposite. I pick ONE hobby and become obsessed with that one thing for hours, days, weeks, months... And thus neglecting the rest of my hobbies. Last fall I went through a MAJOR knitting/crocheting phase... and it paid off too. I made hundreds of dollars from my Etsy store. (YAY! I love Etsy!!) And then I got pregnant and did absolutely nothing for awhile. Except sleep. And throw up. (You needed to know.)
I was really into making stuff for Garrett for awhile. In two or three obsessive spurts (with lots of sleeping and throwing up in between) I made him a beautiful faux chenille baby blanket that I'm really happy with.
But, a lot of my other hobbies have gotten neglected as of late. I haven't scrapbooked in God knows how long... much to Danny's annoyance, because I collected loads of stuff in Australia JUST to scrapbook and he's worried that it will all get lost/ruined/forgotten about. (Maybe HE should start scrapbooking!) I haven't blogged (obviously). I barely take photos (even though I got an awesome camera case for Christmas.) And read a book? Yeah, that wasn't happening.
Until recently.
Suddenly, it seemed like EVERYONE I know was the biggest book worm ever. And they were all talking about their awesome books, and I was like "I read! I like reading! And I like those kinds of books too!". So I picked up the Hunger Games. And then Catching Fire. And then Mockingjay. (in the middle of that one.) and then I went out and tried to find aaaaaaalllll of the young adult dystopian fiction. All of it. I can not get enough. And it starts again. Obsessed with one hobby. Neglecting the rest.

So, I ask you, my probably-non-existent-at-this-point-because-I-neglected-to-blog-audience, help me bust out of my one-hobby rut!! How do I do it? Preferably before I give birth to my son and HE becomes my one obsession and I never craft or read or sleep or do anything productive ever again.

Give me your time management advice.
Or order something from my Etsy shop so I have a reason to craft that I can't deny.

Or suggest a good young adult dystopian fiction novel. :-D

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Etsy Giveaway!!

Love Etsy? And more specifically, love MY Etsy shop??
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm a seriously sucky blogger. I KNOW.

I want to be a blogger. I really do.
I just can't seem to get into it lately. I used to blog all.the.time. And now? I have stuff to blog about. I just... don't. Someone please tell me why. It's okay if your answer is "Because you're a just sucky blogger." I'll understand and love you for being honest with me.


For those of you not privileged enough to be my facebook friend, here's my belly growth since my last post at 16 weeks.

17 weeks

18 weeks

19 weeks

20 weeks

21 weeks

 22 weeks

23 weeks

Most efficient way to update on the pregnancy is probably the survey thing I was doing and have neglected for like 7 weeks. Oops.

How far along: 23 weeks 1 day
Total Weight Gain: Last appointment I believe I was up 5 lbs (counting what I gained back)
Stretchmarks: Possibly? Or worsening of the ones I have before. I can see some coming on the belly a bit though. I won't be spared.
Sleep: Not too bad, actually.
Best Moment This Week: When he kicked me tonight and I actually jumped because he kicked me so forcefully. He's definitely big and strong in there.
Cravings: Nothing specific. Just food. Lots of it.
Movement: Allllll the time. This child has not stopped kicking me in 3 weeks.
Gender: BOY!!
Labor Signs: Started getting Braxton Hicks a few weeks ago. Boy those are fun. Urgh.
Belly Button: Just now starting to stretch and look weird.
What I Miss: I'd say I miss wearing jeans, but that would be a lie. I miss guilt free caffeine though.
What I am Looking Forward to: My baby showers in May.
Milestones:  So many in the past few weeks!

So yeah, since I last posted we found out that we are having a BOY. I thought for awhile there that it would be a girl. Maybe was hoping a little bit as well. But then everyone starting saying they thought it was a girl and I changed my mind. My child would obviously be more complicated than that. And sure enough, it is a boy. I knew as soon as the ultrasound tech started to look after she found out that I wanted to know the sex. She says "The babies hand is down there so I can't see right this second" and I was like "Oh, well, that definitely means it's a boy." And sure enough. My son. Playing with himself already. Of course. :-)
We decided on a boy name a week or so before we found out the sex and decided to name him Garrett Mark. Here's a picture of the little guy.

 Most adorable fetus ever? I think so.

Other exciting news?
I bought a car!
Less exciting new?
It's pretty much the same thing as the car we already own. Except a different year and a different color. Boring, I know. But ya know what? I love it anyways because it means life will be a whole heck of a lot easier when this baby comes. (Except the whole finances thing. Urgh) Sharing a car would be really freaking difficult then and I'm so excited to have some independence! I haven't owned a car in almost 2 years, so I'm really happy to have my own wheels. 

Anyways, hopefully it won't be another 7 weeks before I post again. By then I'll be 30 weeks pregnant. WHAT.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weeks 15+16

15 Weeks

16 weeks

How far along: 16 weeks, 6 days
Total Weight Gain: At my last appointment, I'm still a pound away from where I started. Catching up at least though!
Stretchmarks: Nothing new. Starting to get itchy though.
Sleep: Not as good. A lot of back pain.
Best Moment This Week: Best moment last week was getting to hear the heartbeat again at my OB appointment. It took the doctor a few minutes to find it, because the baby was moving around so much. You could hear the baby moving, even. So cute.
Cravings: Everything. I'm so hungry all the time!!
Movement: Possibly felt a little baby somersault while grocery shopping this past Thursday. Nothing definite yet, still.
Gender: My appointment is made for April 6!! I'll be almost 21 weeks. I was hoping for sooner. :(
Labor Signs: Still too early.
Belly Button: In.
What I Miss: Not being in pain all the time. Either my hips, ribs, or back hurts at all times lately!!
What I am Looking Forward to: Finding out the gender!!
Milestones:  Ultrasound scheduled!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 14

14 weeks
How far along: 14 weeks, 6 days
Total Weight Gain: I'll find out tomorrow.
Stretchmarks: One that I had before on my hip is getting red... maybe means its getting worse?
Sleep: Still good. Need my body pillow though.
Best Moment This Week: My also pregnant coworker finding out the sex of her baby. Not significant for me, exactly, but that jut means its that much closer to when I find out mine! (We're 3 weeks apart)
Cravings: Bugles. You know, those chips that are shaped like a horn? Haven't gotten my hands on any yet though. And coffee.. had a decaf Starbucks latte earlier. SO YUMMY. 
Movement: Maybe.
Gender: Don't know yet.
Labor Signs: Still too early.
Belly Button: In.
What I Miss: My fat pants being fat pants... now they're regular pants.
What I am Looking Forward to: Finding out the gender. Feeling some baby kicks. My appointment tomorrow!
Milestones:  Baby has doubled its weight from last week.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 13

 Starting to grow a baby bump!! 13 weeks, 2 days.
How far along: 13 weeks, 6 days
Total Weight Gain: Yeah, I still don't know. No scales in this house!
Stretchmarks: None that I didn't have before.
Sleep: Good. Sleeping really soundly lately, which means back and hip pain in the morning. :(
Best Moment This Week: Ehhh... this one is difficult. It's been a ROUGH week. Though, throwing up in my own hand will definitely be a memorable moment of the week.
Movement: Nothing definite. :(
Gender: Don't know yet!
Labor Signs: Still too early.
Belly Button: In. I have a really deep belly button (I think, anyways). Interesting to see when and if it pops out.
What I Miss: Being able to eat without wondering if I'll vomit it all up later.
What I am Looking Forward to: Finding out the gender. Feeling some baby kicks.
Milestones:  First trimester - COMPLETE!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mommy Blogger?

It's been a long time since I've blogged... and since the last time I was here, something MAJOR has happened.

I'm having a baby!


Little raspberry growing in my uterus! (at 9 weeks, 2 days)

I'm currently 12 weeks, 5 days at the moment. I wish I had decided to start blogging much sooner so I could document this pregnancy more fully. There's already been so many things I don't want to forget. I'm sure I won't, but I know that life is about to get crazy crazy! 
Hoping I can remember at least to do this pregnancy survey week...

How far along: 12 weeks, 5 days
Total Weight Gain: I'm not sure. At my last appointment I was 5 lbs down. I've probably at least gained that back.
Stretchmarks: None yet! Bought some cocoa butter cream to start combating the inevitable. (My sister and my mom both got tons of them)
Sleep: Pretty good. I wake up once between 1am and 4am to go to the bathroom, and I'm able to go right back to sleep.
Best Moment This Week: Putting up a poll in the bathroom at work to see if people think my pregnant coworker and I are having boys or girls. Most people think mine is a girl. I hope so!!
Movement: Not sure... I think I might be starting to feel something in there, but everyone is telling me it's too early and it's just gas. I think I know my body though, and I think it's the baby! I won't say I'm officially feeling movement until I'm sure though.
Gender: Unknown. I have an appointment on the 27th, when I'll be 15 weeks, and I'm sure they'll put the order in for my anatomy ultrasound then.
Labor Signs: Way too early for that!
Belly Button: Still in.
What I Miss: Being able to eat anything I want. I did have some sushi last night... fully cooked shrimp sushi, so no one jump all over me!!
What I am Looking Forward to: Actually looking pregnant. Right now I mostly just look a little chubby.
Milestones:  Most of the critical body systems are full formed.

Bump Photo