Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Life

So things are finally starting to look a little brighter here these days. It took awhile, but I'm finally getting somewhere in  my life. Someone a few weeks ago stated that I'm finally "getting my life together". Well, I certainly do not believe that my life wasn't together these past 10 months, but it just wasn't where I wanted it to be at the time. But it's not like my life was in shambles or something. I've been doing just fine, and working really really hard to make advancements in my career.

That being said, I finally landed a teaching position! A real one! With my own very real classroom. No more floating around doing other people's jobs in someone else's classroom. Starting this Tuesday I'm the lead teacher in room 5 at a local preschool. Local as in no more 45 minute commute for a sucky job. In fact, the apartment that we're moving into at the end of the month is less than 2 miles from my new job. The fact that this job is in a preschool (which is really part of a child care center, or a daycare if you want to call it that) and not in a public elementary school does make me a little sad. It's not my dream job, by any means. It's not what I saw myself doing in my second year out of college, but I didn't see myself being famous in another country for a sport I'd never watched before either. So, I'm taking life as it comes right now. Whatever seems like the right thing to do, I'm doing it.

So... apartment!!! We're finally moving into our own apartment. and it will be OUR apartment. For the past 10 months we've been living in my aunt's basement which SUCKS but whatcha gonna do? It got us to a different area that we love and were able to find jobs in. Decent jobs, at that.

I'm excited. :-D

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